Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Hobo Corner: Sockpuppets review 2#

13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher
a book review by The Sockpuppet
No one expected Hannah Baker to kill herself, but she did, and Clay Jensen never expected to be walking the deserted streets of his town one dark night listening to the last words Hannah spoke before she did the unexpected, but that’s what happened.

Just two weeks after Hannah swallowed a bunch of pills and never woke up; a strange box shows up on Clay’s porch step. Inside are a bunch of old cassette tapes, tapes that Hannah used to record the 13 reasons why she took her life. Each person who receives the tapes is one of the reasons why. They must listen to the tapes and then pass them on to the next person on the list or else Hannah’s will make sure that not only everyone on her list hears her story but also the whole town. And she knows that no one would want what’s on those tapes to get out.

Clay doesn’t understand how he could be involved with Hannah’s decision to kill herself. What had he ever possibly done to her? He never let anyone know but, he actually cared about her But when he first hears Hannah’s voice play over the tapes he knows he has to find out.
Taking an old Walkman from his buddy’s car Clay ends up walking down the old streets of his neighborhood popping in tape after tape, pushing play over and over again, until he finally hears the sad and haunting life that was Hannah.
He learns how one person’s actions years ago created an unstoppable spiraling domino effect in Hannah’s life that led to her death.
Constantly bullied teased and ignored by everyone around her she tries to reach out and find a light to find someone who she can trust but it seems that nothing she ever does is right and noting ever goes the way that she plans.
On those haunting tapes Hannah is clever to remind everyone just how much words can hurt. How one little prank, although funny at the time, can really destroy someone. How little jokes spread out over time can break someone down until they are noting. One little thing was all it took to destroy one person’s life.

Sadly a group of teenagers found out a little too late.
 Now they are forced to endure their punishment as Hannah tells everyone on the list just what they’ve done. She tells the painful truth and she spares no details or emotions because ladies and gentlemen these are the last words they will ever hear her speak, and she made sure to go out with a bang. She made sure that her last words would count. Finally they will see her like they never did before.
They silenced Hannah and took away her voice for years but now they can’t do anything but sit and listen in horror as she tells the truth that no one wanted to hear. As she tells the secrets no one wanted to know. They may have broken her down and she may be gone but Hannah made sure she got the last laugh. She made sure that they would never mess with her again. 

Although Hannah’s decision to end her life was completely her own choice, things may have been different if the events that took place never really happened
Whether you like it or not this story will never leave you. No matter your opinion, good or bad you will not forget the story. You will talk about it and think about it. Hannah will make sure you don’t forget her. Be careful of what you say and do in this world because it might come back and haunt you one day. And you might just find that it’s too late to take back what you’ve done. There may have been a pause and rewind button on that Walkman of Clay’s but trust me there is never one on life. 

This book is slowly taking over the world. With reviews such as “this story changed my life” and “it made me want to change the world.” The story has inspired its own website and “the 13 reasons why project” and will possibly be made into a film within the next two years. If you are someone who enjoys keeping your books and would like to read possibly read this you can pick it up at a store for about 8 dollars and this story is well worth it.
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