Friday, April 13, 2012

Quick update

Hey everyone Hobo Girl here sorry it's been so long. but I have some very good news and bad news.

Bad news: the editing software I was using happened to be a trial software which expired and gave my computer a virus. yes before I here this I tried using Run as date only works for  32-bit operating and programs while the computer I use is a 64-bit system. in other words I had to download another program and so far Sony Vegas pro is great hopefully I get it done before it expires. No it does not show how much longer I have left on the trial.

Good News: I have gotten along farther and are at the final stages of production. I also a request for myself to review a series and generous donation of it. the only issue I didn't grow up with the series so I'll have to do some  research on a few of the jokes they make being pop culture references of the time the series was made.
So far I really like the series so much so I'll probably make a video review.

Soap the TV series

A special thanks to DR. Ina for donating and requesting this series which has four seasons so it may take awhile to watch.

So expect in the future a review but just because I like the show don't expect for even a second I'll go easy on it.

Also as a special one year anniversary of the hobo corner being the internet I'll be reviewing XXXholic the movie. why XXXholic's movie because it so far the most popular and read review as back when I first started this site. yes we have lost many reviewers due to laziness, got a job, girlfriend/boyfriend, school and my all time favorite got attacked by a crazed Canadian after a hockey game the Canadian team won. there so used to losing they go nuts when they win. or just plain out not bothering to contact me and getting tired of hunting them down. but this site isn't going away so if your interested in being a reviewer message me at the e-mail address giving the following

name you want go by:
writing experience/ video experience, also any experience you would think be valuable to know about:
must be able to prove you have a strong grasp on the English language.
A sample of your writing
how frequently you would be able to do a review:
e-mail address, skype, aim, anything really.
two ways of getting a hold of you would be nice but one strong one is fine too.

so don't forget to message if interested at
or if it does not go through let me know on the site and I'll give you my alternate e-mail address.

Special Thanks to the fans and everyone that has been here the past year let's keep making
The Hobo Corner a wonderful site.

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