Monday, October 17, 2011

Kino's Journey Review

Kino's  Journey Review

Story: 7/10
It's very well written. it has a bit of twilight zone mixed with the world of a Ray Bradbury. I do recommend this for older audiences because the younger ones won't pick up on the clever observations on society or the symbolism. The only down side is it doesn't leave you wanting to find out what happens next and when the series ends you feel like it's no big deal. unlike a really great series you want more and are sad it is ending. it is only 13 episodes long so it very short and based off a light novel.
This anime has almost a little of every genre in it except ecchi or fan service.  But each episode has somewhat of a theme relating to different genre. there are some two parters but no several episode long stories.
It is very slow paced but not in a awkward snail way just a very leisure walk way. but the actions scenes are placed not just thrown in there hap hardzardly.

Episode One:
We start off with our hero digging in the desert for buried treasure and  his trusted talking motorcycle. yes it really talks he isn't crazy. maybe he's Herbie's cousin! The Bike is complaining on how they should turn back before all they find is a rusted out motorcycle and skeleton.  he tells the bike to be quiet and decides to take a nice nap in the middle of the desert. The bike decides to start asking him about religion and philosophical questions.  he tells the bike there going to be fine. it being there first time traveling away from home. we find out the man's name is Kino.
It cuts to Kino and his bike lost on a country road. oh no did you too follow the play map on a restaurant menu and get lost too? They see the map sold to them had been accurate except for the giant canyon spanning for miles. In which suddenly the ground shakes tearing up the ground they finding why there is now a canyon where it says there is road on the map. Once Kino and Herbie or should I say Kino and Hermes. which the bike is named Hermes. they arrive at a abandoned town in the a huge country. well not abandoned it being run by machines . run! there evil! oh wait never mind wrong show!
Kino spends the night at an Inn also being an insomniac staying up all night playing cowboy and indians with his guns. no not really he just cleans them then practices drawing them.
The next morning Kino and Hermes finally find some people on the outskirts of the town. the first person they see the moment he see them he runs the opposite direction terrified. heck I would too if I saw Herbie driven by Lindsey Lohan.  Nah not really anyways; They finally track down someone well more of corner someone to tell them what is going on. Why everyone is running like they have the swine flu. The man asks if Kino can read his mind? When Kino obviously answers no he looks relieved.  strangely enough he didn't crap his pants like most people would at a English speaking bike. I mean  full conservation not GPS directions speaking. The man goes on to explain that everyone in the country can read each other thoughts due to an invention and them being very advanced in science.  they believed it would bring peace if they could understand and read a person's thoughts.  In other words it makes everyone telepathic. Until they realize now they have to be brutally honest with everyone. so it's like being in Detroit, just kidding.  It started off great but then turned to rioting and murder. which is why the town is abandoned and everyone is a shut in so they can't read each other's thoughts. The man says the country probably will soon die out due to no children being born leaving only the machines. The man begs Kino to stay but he declines and keeps on cruising down the road. That how episode one ends.
Characters: 9/10
this is where the this show really shines is Characters. but sadly not the main characters there almost as plain as cardboard and have personality as much as packing peanuts.  The side characters they met are all really interesting people that you could run across.  There all unique and have their flaws and there is no useless character placement for a one liner joke or something to that matter.

Animation: 5/10
considering this was made before high definition was pretty much in every anime there is it's not bad.  but for now days standard it is slightly below average but not horrible to look at.
Voices:  5/10
the voice acting isn't bad but not great.

dub vs. sub: the dub wins because the voice they give Hermes is really funny and sarcastic unlike the whiney  Japanese one.

Music:  1/10
They really struggle here as far as opening and endings go there forgettable. but when dramatic music is needed for a scene it is decently placed.

Overall:  6.5/10
The story and side characters are very clever as well as original. but sadly the animation and music is nothing is run through the streets yelling about how wonderful it is.
Also older audiences would get the subtle quirks and observations  vs  a younger audiences.
there isn't any re-watch value an anime you watch one and forget about.

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