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  Welcome to the Anime page.
 Here is a list of all the Anime related reviews. There sorted the reviewers that have worked for The Hobo Corner and those that are currently working for it.


Hobo Girl's Reviews:

Skip beat review:

The Hobo Corner: XXXHolic Review:
The Hobo Corner: Durarara Review:

Kino's Journey Review:
The Hobo Corner: Black Butler Review:
The Hobo Corner: Slap up Party Arad Senki Review:

Supernatural Knight's Reviews:
[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control Review:
That Anime Snob's Reviews and Other Evaluations on Anime:
Anime Truths:

That Anime Snob's: Anime Truths (1#) Exposure through the Kubler Ross model:



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