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Skip beat review

Skip Beat

Before you read this Review contains spoilers but it's an honest review no fluffing things up.

Story: 9/10
Episode 1:
Skip beat starts out with our heroine working at a McDonalds reject joint.  It being the end of her shift she takes off to her second job. while she is getting changed in the locker room some of the co-workers are gossiping about pop idol Sho Fuwa . One of the Co-workers are bragging about their new Sho Fuwa poster that came with his CD. Which sends her in a manic depressive state telling them she waiting for days to get the CD first like a hobo or a hard core gamer.Then one of the Co-workers point out making our main character look like a moron. why don't she swing by the store and show them your receipt. She takes off practically pulling an E.T. move rushing to the record store; She crashes through the glass doors screaming for a Sho Fuwa poster. The terrified shopkeeper hands her the last poster and she heads out the door. 
When all of a sudden she realizes she is late for her second Job. 

She made it on time but barely able to move.
We find out her name is Kyoko and appears to be a tomboy. When her boss asks her if she wants to just go home to rest she refuses. Kyoko explains if she ever misses a day of work she'll be thrown out of the apartment. Her boss asks about why doesn't she act like normal teenage girls wanting to be pretty and go hang out. Kyoko having dropped out of Middle school is a bit young and clueless about men. After work later that night she returns to her luxurious apartment to find Sho Fuwa pop idol there. She believes she is his secret girlfriend her brought her along when he first went to become famous. Kyoko is nice asking how his day was. He tells her where to get off!  He treats her like a servant, no more like a slave house wife from the 1950's only he won't give her a dime to help with the apartment even though he has plenty of money. 

Kyoko sees he's packing his stuff leaving her on her own. In a desperate attempt to stop him she lures with his favorite food pudding! In which he acts  like a little kid in a candy store. Talking about how he misses being able to walk down the street without being hounded by fans.  When Sho turns on the TV there is a talk show going and his rival Ren. When they show a poll taking by women who is the sexiest new male celeb. Sho Placed 7th in which he snapped in a rage left the house Kyoko having tried to stop him. After Sho is gone she goes on a psychotic  Japanese hulk like rampage. Kyoko smash!!!   The next day Kyoko has the day off on her second job and decides to pay Sho a visit.  Luckily she managed to get past Sho's rabid fan girls waiting outside the studio. When she over hears the conversation with Sho and his manger which he is flirting with. That since he has know Kyoko he has been using her like a slave. Kyoko snaps hurling some food she brought for Sho to his big fat head
When Kyoko declares she'll get revenge as being dragged away by security! Sho laughs at her calling her common filth and challenges her to join the entertainment industry.  To end the first episode she cut her hair and dyed it orange; Also has a nice new wardrobe.

That is a condensed version of episode 1.  Are you interested? If you found this entertaining you should check out the rest of the series where the heartbroken Kyoko most learn to truly love and take all her walls down. What she had with Sho was more lust and puppy love.

Animation:  7.5/ 10
So  it seems pretty clean and nice but very similar to everyone else out there. Except I  really like the details in the main characters eyes.  The guys have a bit more sharpness to their art style then most anime's.  A  good point is the demons flying around has a lot nice details.

Voices: 8/10
It's a subbed anime so I don't really know any voice actors but by the voices it looks like there having a lot of fun with this. I Hope one day it gets dubbed it's such a good anime but I'm not sure if it has a big enough fan base to be dubbed.


Some of the characters are your typical stereo types. mysterious guy opening up to our heroine.  Overly ambitious boss. snotty girl partner.   But it has it's good moments where they have a character or one of them have a moment that really hits home.

Music:  5/10

The Opening is pretty peppy and upbeat. But it didn't grab my attention enough to have to download this song immediately.  The Ending still a bit peppy  but yet again nothing to jump up and down about. most of the music in the series is forgettable.  But don't let you get you down there are other high point then  the music.

Overall: 7/10
The story is great and I actually want to read the manga after watching this anime.  which is rare for me the only other one I have really done after watching the anime go read the manga is Soul Eater.  The music is nice but I'm nit picky about music but it's average to me.  the voice acting not knowing much about Japanese voice actors it sounds like they're having a blast.  The animation is alright but at times seems like everything out there.

On the watchable scale: Watch if you just watched a good anime and not sure what to watch next check out skip beat.


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