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The Hobo Corner: Valley of the dolls Part 2

            Jennifer's Point of View

Jennifer North: The second character you read about when the book changes  point of view. She has been working very hard at the show that her and Neely are in. Even though she is only doing a cameo it's good exposure. Also helps her want to get that movie deal she has been waiting for. She is also from Ohio unlike her roommates one being from the circus the other from Massachusetts. Also she has quite a bit of money coming to her from the show and from the court settlement from her Ex husband. Robby being her recent sugar daddy to help her get some new clothes.

Jennifer may seem like a sweet girl and just a pretty face but she doesn't let her emotions get the best of her; not anymore... in a lot of ways I think she's a lot like Paris Hilton. Paris has no talent she doesn't either. she's just a pretty face so is Paris

When gold-digger senior. A.K.A Jennifer's Mom who called to whine about how she needs more money. Also on how that the stage name Jennifer North is ridiculous. But Jennifer took it to fool people that she is only 19 and really is 25.

But she takes very good care of herself though which helps for fool the masses about her true age. When she explained to her mother that the supposed rich prince was really just dirty poor and is nothing but a high class pimp. Maybe he's related to sir mix a lot.  But Jennifer plots with her Mother on how she is going to marry her current boyfriend for his money. As well as have along with her mother, her Stepfather and Grandma move in with them; Be there sugar mama to all of them. She went to school in Switzerland for a year but had to leave after her father died and the money dried up putting them in the poor house.  But she stayed with Bi-curious friend Maria for years until Maria's father cut her off. when Jennifer learned unless you have money you can't have any fun. Desperate to get out of there she had her Mother send a fake letter stating she is ill and needs her help. But left most of her clothes there to make it seem like she'll come back to Maria's. But she changed her name and shortly met the pimp of a prince.
The summer passes and it's now winter.  Anne and Jennifer have been living out a hotel room for awhile now. Jennifer recently took up modeling but still isn't making enough to support her Mother and her shopping addiction. She is still hopeful about marrying Tony and finally opens up to Anne about the rampant insomnia she has struggled with the past year. Later that night desperate for sleep Jennifer decides to take  a Seconal. Then she discovers the wonderful world of drugs it isn't until when she runs out she starts to go back to being an insomniac. Wanting more she goes to a nice doctor and asks for drugs; But they shooed her away with a broom calling her a stupid stoner.  When Jennifer asks about how to get them from a friend that had given her a few in the first place. She goes to CVS no not really there pill Nazi's there. She finds a doctor practicing out of his pickup truck and writes her the prescription no problem.  Jennifer comes up with a crazy scheme on how have Tony marry her using a giant slingshot, a banana cream pie and an acme balloon;  But it back fires horribly with her humiliating defeat she decides to be a good friend and accompany Anne to Anne's mother's funeral out of town. Jennifer soon returns to town thinking about how Miriam must be having a ball that Jennifer is gone. But comes back to have dozens of messages from Tony. So she decides to play head games with him and blows him off when he asks to go out on the town with her. When a few nights later Tony finally gives in and they go to Vegas to elope. Now Jennifer noticed how emotional unbalanced Tony is and wants to book it. But of course not without getting some of the wealth Tony has first.

Five months later Jennifer is bored out of her mind. She moved to California with Tony and Miriam. But she is a nobody, nothing but tony Polar's wife. In order to get some respect you have been in a movie but Tony is the only who maybe staring in a movie. When after some time Jennifer gets an idea on how to get some attention also to divert any starlets chasing after Tony. She got herself pregnant and announces it first to Neely. who look very, very, very slim now. Neely offers her a service to make the baby go back where it came from. But Jennifer scolds her telling she wants this baby and it to be the perfect little girl.

Neely tells her about her two new drugs one to burn the fat off and another sleep pill. Jennifer declines the drugs now wanting to be a supposed good mom. This how Babies replaced carrying around a small dog. Later that evening Jennifer breaks the news to Tony and Miriam. Jennifer before leaving the room decides to eavesdrop. Miriam yells at Tony refreshing him about where babies come from and tells him if he wants this baby he has to slumming around with all his co-workers.  Jennifer walks in the room screaming at Tony about his cheating and storms off. She finally made him choose it being her or Miriam. he wouldn't answer her.
 So she took for New York the next morning to see if he cared enough to come get her. Tony chases after her but still refuses for Miriam to move out and get her own place instead of living with them.  So she plans to file for divorce once the baby is born and moves in with Anne; Also breaks her vow of sobriety.  

A month later Miriam tells Jennifer that Tony is retarded and most likely the baby will be too. Later on Tony may have to be put in a home is which is why she is so stingy about the money.  Jennifer believes her and gets rid of as well getting a bigger settlement.
A few weeks later Jennifer starts dating an French artsy porn film director who wants her to do movies in France and she accepts. Even though Anne is all Miss Morals saying it'll ruin her; Jennifer asks if Anne has dated anyone else after Lyon dumped she tells him she'll wait for him to come back. Sound familiar? wonder where Stephanie Meyer got the ideas for her book? 

Several years later Jennifer is a huge European movie star. But her advisor is worried she won't cut it there. He berates her into getting a face lift and losing weight. Jennifer tells him she doesn't want to end up like Neely taking pills like there candy. So he suggests that she do a sleep cure which is normally for crazies in order to lose weight. What is a sleep cure? They put the person to sleep for eight days and you awake all beautiful; then you crap rainbows and vomit pixies dust.

A month later along with a face lift later Jennifer is back in New York visiting Anne ready to take on the American film industry. Jennifer after A long time decides to visit Anne and tells her that she found a studio that doesn't teach her like a golden retriever; Pretending to throw a tennis ball when playing fetch. Everything starts finally going well she meets a nice guy. Who actually likes her for instead of seeing her ass and tits.
It isn't until when Jennifer goes to the doctor she finds out she has breast cancer. When she tries to tell her boyfriend about losing her boobs. He just goes on and on how he never wants to lose her boobs. Jennifer distraught feeling absolutely no way that Kevin will love her. Also that her career would be over if they sliced up her breasts. She would have no way to send money to her family they living on her income. Jennifer ends up committing suicide. The story goes on but Jennifer doesn't. be sure to check out parts 1&3

Tony Polar: has been a very good friend of Jennifer's but she isn't that into him. He is insanely talented but he's dumb as dirt. Her next target to drain him dry of every cent he has.

Miriam Polar: Tony's older sister who raised him when their parents were killed at a young age. Who seems to despise Jennifer and doesn't leave them alone only when there in the bedroom. Who also recently seems very suspicious about Jennifer's real motives. When she found out about Tony getting married it infuriated her; Hiring  numerous detectives to watch him; constantly lying to her brother about their mother being dead. Also not being a dollar store whore and hiding even from Tony that he has the mental and emotional maturity of a ten year old. But she is hell bent on making this work out perfectly for her and Tony.

Lyon Burke: A man who had escorted her to Tony Polar's show. But even though there both similar; He's a luxury she can't afford. Also having dumped Anne leaving her emotionally scared. Down the line his books don't make money being a hack of a writer ends up writing movie scenario's to get by.

Anne Welles: One of Jennifer's friends and roommates. She envies Anne to have a passionate romance with Lyon. But knows that a girl with her body could get him without evening batting an eye lash. Who seemed neither sad nor happy until coming to New York. Only content but now finally feels like she's alive; Having made it big being a cosmetic spokesperson becomes more famous having been close friends with her before her untimely death.

Neely O'Hara:  One of the girls that was in the same show as Jennifer but know is off in Beverly Hills living it up. Beverly Hills that's where I want to be! But does end up crashing and burning after too many tantrums.

Claude: a French director which helped Jennifer become a famous porn star in Europe. But treats her like trash having convinced her to get a bunch of plastic surgery to the point she fears she'll look like Michael Jackson. But eventually she finds a studio in which she is free of Claude for good.

Kevin: A senator who had lost his wife. having started dating Jennifer being a conservative republican didn't make an advance the first two weeks. He has a mild nervous breakdown after Jennifer commits suicide.


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