Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sockpuppet's Soapbox: 1#

What ever happened to the world where teenage girls obsessed over bands and painted their nails black and stalked band members instead of chasing after a fictitious vampire who sparkles in the rain and drives shiny cars.
This is the world that the Twilight movies have created for us. 

When I was growing up I covered my walls in Avril Lavigne and Simple Plan posters instead of Team Jacob and Team Edward. In fact unless we go back to the early days when I was in training pants and singing Barney songs I never once remember having my room covered in posters just because of one movie unless you count the one Pirates of the Caribbean poster I had at the age of 12.

Yes it’s true I read the Twilight book series and I thought it was an ok read though I wouldn‘t go out of my way to read them again, but sadly this vampire era in the world seems to revolve strictly around the movies which is all about a sexy teen vampire who you want to loose your virginity too. And who you become so obsessed with that you can’t seen anyone else pain but your own.

Everywhere I go, Even today’s hit shows reference Twilight any chance they get . Ok we get it. It’s a huge success. You can stop cramming it down our throats now. It’s very sad to know I can’t even walk into a book store anymore with out having everything Twilight shoved in my face. It’s ridiculous! It’s a movie people. It’s not real, Edward Cullen is not going to come in and have a cat fight over you.
And with that being said let’s talk about the effect it’s having on today’s young generation.
They think that everything is a competition and that we all need to be separated into teams.

 What ever happened to being equal in this world? Hell we’re even divided onto teams based on our Twilight Love/Hate status.
So let me take this minute to say I am not taking a position in this Twilight feud I am merely stating my opinions on the effect it has had on our generation.
The movies themselves don’t even come close to being like the book. 

The first movie Twilight was just a mess. It was poorly directed and just way too over the top cheesy.
The second movie New Moon was better in comparison to the first. But the werewolf effects were a little less than impressive and the cliff diving scene (if you can call it that) was just disappointing.

 She did not dive off the cliff! She stepped off of it! And she did it with such lack of emotion. Come on if you were jumping off a huge ass cliff in the middle of a storm and there was a chance you could die, you can bet your ass you would have some type of emotion!
The third one Eclipse was just a huge screw up.

 The ending fight was just horrible. When vampires fight they do not break like freaking porcelain dolls!
What happened to the ripping of heads and shredding them to bits while they burn in fiery peril? Hell the freaking Ninja Turtles could fight with more ferocity and power.
All I can say is I can’t wait to see how they mess up the final book Breaking Dawn which will be made into two parts (no doubt a ploy for more money)


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