Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Hobo Corner: Phantom Critic Reviews BulletStorm 360 verison

Note: Bulletstorm is for the Xbox 360,PS3 and Windows computers

Alright everyone The phantom critic here to earn his stripes with his first review! Hahaha and here we go!
Now I chose this game to the fact that it has humor, epic action, Guns galore with all of them having a brutal add on I may add, and a half human half robot friend. If you guessed right :D then for those who had the chance to experience the crashes, the insane gangs, and the drunken shooting. Then you know im talking about the one the only "Bulletstorm."
 Now as much as I want to get to details of what you really want. Let's give those who don't know the story. In the 26th century the federation of planets is protected by a secret black ops army called dead echo led by the corrupt General Sorrano.
 Now our story follows space pirates Grayson Hunt and his cyborg friend Ishi Sato. Grayson lead a tight nit group until all came crashing now when finding out that when following orders from general Sorrano killing drug runners and mass murders just happen to be innocent people. Now after ten years of wallowing in drunkenness Grayson takes him and his team on some well deserve revenge. in good attempt all turns on them when Grayson and Ishi crash land on a planet called Stygia.
 Once a resort planet turn into hell on earth over run with gangs with an insane sense of mind, man eating plants, and Godzilla sized monsters. From rifle ,to handgun, to a gun that shoots drills yes I said drills they a unique variety and all of them come with a wicked upgrade called the "charge shot" whether it be shooting 150 rounds at your enemies in one shot with the "peace maker carbine" Orr exploding your bullet after controlling it straight toward the head of a cannibal with "the head hunter."
 unless your like me you will also take interest in the leash. A com link that emits a beam that you can hurl your enemies into compromising situations. As much as I would love to give you details. I would like you to see the brutality for yourself haha. Also there always a challenge you can get points to buy ammo or upgrade your guns by pulling off the moves in a full listing of "special" ways to take out your enemies.
 Its very entertaining fps "first person shooter" that will keep your interests and make you laugh. 
So check it out! :D and finally see a storm of bullets haha get?


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