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The Hobo Corner: XXXHolic Review

XXXHolic Review

*This review contains spoilers and it's an honest review. so if you want to read a fluffy kitty review you best go elsewhere*


Welcome to the wonderful world of Japanese Harry Potter!  Wait a minute oh my mistake I thought this was Japan's version of Harry Potter it's just XXXHolic.

Episode one:

We start out with our protagonist Watanuki which literally translates to April Fool in Japanese. Ever since he was very young he has the ability to see and communicate with spirits. but these spirits aren't human most of the time or look a likes from a Medium reject show. but the only problem he's the only one who can see them so he looks like a mental patient escapee frequently.  So one day Watanuki is walking home from school when he is chased down and molested by a huge Pok√©mon reject. when Watanuki gets away from it he touches a wall and the spirit abruptly vanishes. He looks to see a strange quaint shop in the middle of a modern city. 
When he goes to check it out he is suddenly dragged on to the property and two little girls pop out. Escorting him into the stranger's shop where he sees a beautiful mysterious woman. He explains the whole story about how he got here. But the woman goes on about fate and how if you give people your real name and birthday they can be your soul's pimp; or something to that matter. 
He also introduced to the two young girl names being Maru and Maoro.  The mysterious woman introduces herself as Yuko.  She goes on about equivalent exchange and all that good stuff oh wait wrong anime. She offers Watanuki that she could get rid of the spirits that keep pestering him. 
So he accepts and the payment being he is now Yuko's bitch. Watanuki is sent on an errand to pick up a guest when he finds a Ryo-ohkie reject named Mokona.  
While Watanuki is sent out to do other various errands he runs across this girl who can see and hear spirits or so claims to.  when soon he returns back to the wish shop. Where the he tells Yuko about the girl and after some cryptic babbling from her.
 The main point being that what we wish for isn't always good or turn out the way we planned. That is pretty  much the end of episode one so that's what you're in for.

The only issue I have with the story it's a good idea and has a lot of potential but wasn't executed rightly.  It seems like the series gets ADHD frequently and I have always wonder how much would it cost for  Watanuki's wish to balance everything out?

Animation: 3/10

The animation is hit and miss throughout the series there are times when it is amazing. then there are times when it looks like they had a kindergartener  draw the scenes.

Characters: 1/10

I know Clamp fans are probably about ready to shoot me. But it irritates me that through the entire serious Watanuki is useless without Domeki. All of the characters look anorexic and so tall that they would give Jose Conseco a hard time. I do admit there are times when Yuko looks pretty but other than that I hate all the main characters.

Music: 5/10

The music is about the only thing well executed in this anime. I like the openings but the endings meh nothing to jump up and down about.

Overall: 5/10

It has potential if you can look past the crap characters then you might enjoy this anime.


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