Monday, May 9, 2011

The Hobo Corner: Sockpuppets review 1#

The Replacement 
By Brenna Yovanoff

Have you ever felt like you didn’t fit in? Like you didn’t belong in your own world? Well that’s the life that Mackie Doyle lives. As long as Mackie can remember he has known that he doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of his town. And not just because of his strange allergy to metal and blood that makes his skin burn, or his inability to walk on church ground. It’s because Mackie has always know that he wasn’t exactly human.

Something is not right in Gentry. Something foul is living beneath the slag heap and is sneaking away with the towns peoples babies in the night and replacing them with demonic creatures as payment for keeping the town beautiful and prosperous.
Mackie is one of these replacements. But unlike the other replacements Mackie lived

When Mackie’s crush Tate looses her sister to one of the replacements and begins to question him about who he really is and what replaced her sister that he begins to question where he really belongs and with who ?…his human family or the creatures that gave him up to die.

But it isn’t until Mackie meets the things living under the hill that he realizes what sick and twisted creatures they really are and their horrifying plans to sacrifice Tate’s sister like they did with all the babies they stole

As Mackie starts to learn more about himself and what he is he also realizes that it is not too late to save Tate’s sister from becoming another victim. And in his attempt to save her he learns where he really belongs in this world, and who he really is.

This is one twisted story that is unlike any other supernatural entity. These things are not demons, devils or vampires they are their own sinister being that feeds off of the town and their people. Punishing them and using them as they please.


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