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[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control Review

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[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control Review

Story Overview 7.5/10
The storyline of [C] the Money of Soul and Possibility Control revolves around the life of nineteen year old Kimimaro. He is the average college student attending lectures, taking notes, working a part time job at a corner store to earn minimum wage, and being infatuated with someone that is out of his league. His life consists of of nothing more than school and work because of insufficient funds for a social life, that is until he is approached by the mysterious Masakaki of the financial district. From here his life changes as he discovers the challenges associated with making money, and finds out exactly what the price of wealth is.

The series itself is set in two main locations, one being Japan and the other being a different dimension called the Financial District. The only way to gain access to the Financial District is to be chosen randomly after a position opens up. After being picked, the illusive Masakaki which is the anime version of Johnny Deep's Willy Wonka character, shows up to explain what the financial district is. The method of traveling between the two dimensions is essentially a taxi service that appears mysteriously from nowhere, often passing through walls for a short cut, now that is a money saving idea!

Upon entering the Financial District each individual is assigned an asset based upon their future which is used as collateral for this dimension. Assets are an accompanying ally that will fight by their entrepreneur or "entres" side to protect them. During these fights funds are gained or lost depending on the outcome of each "Deal" or battle. The assets are generally kept in small cards that have access to their winnings which then can be spent on earth, by now it begins to sound like a Pokémon Yugioh crossover with gambling, one of the themes missing from both of those series. However in a dimension that's only existence is to win money, not all is as it seems in this parallel world, what a shock. There is one condition to all entre's and that is if you lose a deal it will somehow effect the losers life negatively, however if you become bankrupt your banned from this dimension and the negative effects are far greater, usually resulting in suicide.

While the Storyline does seem somewhat borrowed, it still manages to be fairly unique with a few plot twists and interesting developments that keep things new and interesting until the end. This series is only 11 episodes long so it doesn't have too much time to spend on building complex back stories to all characters however they do manage to give some level of depth to the main cast. [C] the Money of Soul and Possibility Control is new out this year and as such there is currently not enough information revealed about the possibility of a dub release. The pace of [C] is slow starting as it takes an episode for Kimimaro to enter the Financial District, however it does indicate some of what is to be expected with a brief battle scene between two other Financial District competitors. This series is very much a science fiction,shounen, tournament anime which means it contains action and generally appeals to a younger male audience, however it also contains a hint of romance for variety.

Characters 6/10
The characters in the series don't have too long to develop since it is such a short series but the level of depth given is commendable. The main flaw is that the main character is nineteen yet he takes on the appearance of a young high school student with a slightly wimpy attitude, he is also another cliché's text book example of a hero that must first rise to the challenge to save the day. Also opponents are used mostly as one time appearance guests with only a few returning later in the series, which means that there are a few characters that seem flat and doesn't appear to have any conceivable feelings other than greed.

The animation of the series is consistent throughout the series, there is no unsightly slip in quality and the background is done in detail for earth while a plain grid like appearance is given to the world of the Financial District. The appearance of the Assets are done in a similar style to the humans however there are times when they take a more 3D form which seems slightly out of place. There is one scene where an overly dramatic deterioration in quality is used to heighten the climax of a fight, a technique that is somewhat of a cliché now as seen in many popular shounen series.

Music 2/10
The music for the most part is forgettable as it fades into the background and fails to be significant or even really heard. However in the disappointment of the music there is one piece that stands out and that is the opening theme Matryoshka performed by Nico Touches the Walls, which is a Japanese rock band.

Overall 6/10
While the story is entertaining and different from other shounen series, there are still some cliché's aspects that causes it to lose some of the appeal that a new series should generate. The characters are decent to look at, with the exception of a young looking nineteen year old. The themes present in [C] are somewhat relatable as they are not farfetched but realistic, other than the science fiction different dimension part. With the exception of the opening theme, the music is boring virtually nonexistent and therefore is the let down of the series, but other than poor musical soundtrack there aren't really any other let downs in the series.

Is the series worth a re-watch?
With all the positive points this series may be worth a re-watch, however for the most part it is easy to understand and explains mostly everything that you need to know. While enjoyable it isn't a feel good type of anime that is usually associated with a re-watch. However it does leave the viewer wanting more, possibly wishing for a second series, because of the open ended final scenes.
In the end it comes down to personal opinions and cannot otherwise be decided for you.


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