Friday, March 2, 2012

Supernatural Knight's intro

Hi all I'm Supernatural Knight, I'm the newest resident on this block called the Hobo Corner.

I'm going to be joining this reviewing site with my reviews directed at T.V. shows, Movies, and Anime. 
However mostly they will be directed at anime as that is where my area of expertise lies. I hope that I'll bring a level of sophistication with me however I should warn you that I have a sense of humour and hate romance, so my reviews may be a bit unorthodox.
I would be open to excepting requests as long as the request is anime related and is somehow connected to the Supernatural theme, just inform Hobo girl and I'll consider it.
What else is there to say except enjoy my reviews to come, and don't even think of asking for my real name because everyone that knows it has already been paid in apples [death note reference] to keep everyone quiet, including Hobo girl.

I told you I had a sense of humor.


Tom Badguy said...

Looking forward to it.

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