Thursday, November 29, 2012

Resident Evil 6 Review By Jackren Logan

Resident Evil 6 Review By: Jackren Logan.Platform: PS3, XBox360. Anyway, let's start with play-ability. It's pretty top notch. Finally Capcom made an RE game where you can aim and move at the same time. Although they implemented this in RE:Revelations (Nintendo 3DS) and RE:Operation Raccoon City (PS3) beforehand, RE:6 is an actual progression to the story rather than a prequel or some dimensional time rift alternate story that pokes many holes in the actual RE time-line. But, they took out the  blind fire ability that they used in Operation Raccoon City so sorry. No shooting randomly at anything that moves and hoping to god you hit something while screaming like a little girl. Another little side note, in Revelations they implemented a Gyro system aiming mechanism which I thought was amazing. They really should have put it in RE6 but they didn't because the XBox360 controller does not have 6 axis controller technology, thus waving the controller like a mad man does nothing. So thanks a lot Microsoft for screwing us out of another good thing.So, let me just start off by saying this was a great game in my opinion. Resident Evil 6 is a 3rd person, over the shoulder action/survival/horror/zombie/psycho C-virusing steroid popping enemies killing game. Huh, say that five times fast.Moving on... Graphics are pretty damned good as well. A few flaws here and there. It's all very realistic until you get to Leon's hair. No matter what happens, explosions, going under water, being attacked at every turn, stabbed, punched, shot, crushed, nothing affects his hair. It is perfect all the way through... Pretty boy...Game perks, here we go. Cool things about RE6 is that it has 3 playable stories to start off with, each having two playable characters to choose from and once all stories have been completed once, you unlock a 4th story that will allow you to see Ada's part in the story and how much she really affected the plot-line in a positive way although she has a lot of crappy one-liners. And I mean crappy. Some of this stuff makes my stomach cringe. But onto more positive parts. The story is Co-op capable throughout the entire story except for Ada's story with which you have to play on your own.Multi player. There actually isn't much of a multi player feel to the game to be honest. Mercenaries mode is a 2 player Co-op mode where you must survive throughout the time limit or reach 150 kills before time runs out. Pretty simple to say the least. Then there is a new mode that takes the place of Versus mode originally for RE5 called Agent Hunt. In this mode, you simply join another players game but as an enemy. You can be anything from a simple zombie to a Napad brutish Arnold Schwarzengerman thing. It's pretty entertaining. Controls are kind of sluggish for this mode but that just makes it all the more satisfying when you succeed.The story is very rich and ties all of the main games together and everything starts to make sense. And a few questions will be answered only in Ada's story so be sure to beat the game all the way through. One major story flaw I found on my first play through though is that there were way too many overly convenient things happening in the game. Kill an enemy, they fall, hit a sign, sign becomes bridge that leads you directly where you need to go. It's pretty stupid in that respect. But outside of that it's a great game and I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone. Although, if you don't want to be confused, I would suggest playing through the other games first. Which there is an RE6: Special Edition that contains all of the previous main games, or you can go on PSN and get them on their as well as RE:Code Veronica X HD and RE4 HD. And of course if you're a PlayStation Plus member, you can get RE5: Gold Edition free.

Back to RE6. I rate this game a solid 9/10. Great story, great graphics, great play-ability. But there's no blind fire and it can be pretty annoying with how overly convenient it is.This was a review by Jackren Logan, I hope you guys found it entertaining, insightful and/or useful. I'm signing off.


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RE's been dead to me since 2(the last good one)

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